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2020 Neighbourhood LOVE

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Our Partners

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Neighborhood Love - 2020

Destination Danforth

City of Toronto / East End Arts - mentorship/ supporting an emerging artist

Local business recovery from pandemic

The theme of Gratitude/resilience /hope

-the background and running the length of the wall I painted an aerial map of that portion of the Danforth allowing the viewer to recognize their favourite patio, where their friends gather, the street they live on, their favourite shopping areas.

The foreground imagery I used the technique I have successfully used on several large-scaled projects, I photograph local pedestrians in the area, shopping, walking, kids playing. Then I digitally produce the images into dynamic, silhouette style, larger than life scaled paintings layered over the backdrop map.

Combining these images reflects both the geographic nature of the diverse community with the human nature of the neighbourhood. Capturing the essence of the neighbours re-entering, meeting outdoors again, supporting their local businesses.

Let’s Work

Before and after

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